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My Experience with Deepin Linux

Deepin Raises the Bar for Linux Style


I first discovered Linux when I was 16. I am 35 now and I’ve been using Linux exclusively (except at work where we use Windows) for 10 years. I didn’t always use Linux exclusively. I used to have a Mac but even then I would dual boot Linux.

I’ve experienced the ups and downs of using Linux as a primary operating system. I still use Android as my primary mobile OS but I also own a Pinephone because I hope the future will include a true Linux phone.

I mostly use GNOME and either Ubuntu…


I tried out Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud recently to host a small Python web app. I have used Digital Ocean before and it was always a simple and pleasant experience. The same task on IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure was not only more complicated I also incurred some serious charges that I was not expecting.


How does IBM, Azure and Digital Ocean compare in terms of ease of use? Let’s take a look at what it takes to host a Python Flask app on these clouds.

In my opinion “hosting an app” should be the simplest thing in the…

Bryan Paget

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